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Lines of Insurance

For our clients (legal entities and individuals), ACB arranges all insurance lines, of which we emphasize:

Non-Life Insurances

  • Property Damage insurances at „All Risk" principle (insurance covers all property losses, except from risks listed in exclusions)
  • Property Damage insurances at Named Perils principles:
    • Insurance from Fire, Explosion, Thunderstruck, Storm, Earthquake, Flood and Torrent, Water Outlet, ... („Fire" risks package, similar but wider than FLEXA coverage)
    • Machinery Breakdown Insurance (from all internal and external, mechanical and electrical causes)
    • Burglary and Robbery insurance
    • Glass Breakage Insurance
    • Insurance of computer equipment on package of „combined computer risks"
    • Movable Equipment Insurance
    • Insurance of Financial losses (loss of profit, fixed costs) due to Business Interruption caused by covered property damage peril
    • Construction / Erection All Risk Insurance
    • All other Property insurance lines
  • Third Party Liability Insurances (for losses to third parties' health and property, caused by Insured's activities)
    • General Third Party Liability
    • Employer's Liability
    • Product Liability
    • Professional Liability (for losses occurred as errors in performing professional services – lawyers, doctors, engineers and others)
    • Directors and Officers Liability
    • Clinical Trial Insurance
    • Other Liability Insurance Lines
  • Marine - Goods in Transit insurance
  • Motor Vehicles Insurance (motor third party liability and Casco)
  • Insurance of floating vessels and aircrafts (liability and Casco)
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Individuals' Insurance:
    • Accident (death, disability)
    • Group Insurance coverage in case of Professional Illnesses
    • Voluntary Health insurance lines (severe illnesses and surgeries, private health insurance …)
  • All other Non-Life insurance lines

Life Insurances

  • With savings element – protection of insured and beneficiary for case of death, with included profit (with or without additional insurances, such as accident and health insurance)
  • Term life – protection of beneficiary for the case of insured's death only
  • Scholarship insurance for children

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