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Key Advantages

Why ACB as chosen insurance broker brings value added to Clients?

  • ACB is exclusive correspondent of Aon in Serbia
  • Licensed, registered and conducts business in accordance with local legislation
  • Implementing international insurance practice on local insurance market
  • Aon is leading insurance broker worldwide, according to revenues from brokerage businesses
  • Employs experienced professionals from the insurance industry – 20 employees in total, of which 19 highly educated employees and 17 licensed insurance brokers with long-term (over 250 years) experience in underwriting, risk assessment, loss adjustment, insurance broking and risk management
  • Built solid client portfolio in all industries – important „buying power “at insurance companies
  • Provides high quality services, both to local and international companies
  • Each client knows who is the person dedicated to its needs (Account Executive)
  • Cooperates with reliable local insurers, but the Client and its interests are always on the first place
  • Unlike insurers who are offering only their own insurance products and mainly protect their own interests, ACB as the insurance broker offers wider scope of products of various insurers and primary takes care of the interests of Clients
  • Instead of contacting many representatives of insurer (sometimes representatives of many insurers), our Client has advantages in communication with skilled and competent representatives of ACB who has knowledge from various lines of insurance („one-stop shop“)
  • Ultimate price (premium) of insurance paid by our Client cannot be higher than the one offered by insurer without our involvement (inter-mediation)

Company for intermediation in insurance ACB d.o.o

Francuska 37, 1st floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone:  +381.11.7854600
Email:   office@acb.rs

aon corespodent