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About Us

About Us

Our only, and core business activity is the insurance brokerage and consulting, along with assistance in damage processing, and assess of potential risk and damage.

Broker in the insurance filed, conducts its insurance brokerage independent of insurance companies and puts client’s interest first. More information about the activities of insurance brokers can be found here.

ACB team in Serbia employs highly educated, experienced and professional staff, of which all client-facing employees possess License of the National Bank of Serbia for conducting insurance brokerage.

Multi-year experience of our employees in insurance business in the domestic insurance companies and in brokerage companies in insurance, and business and professional reputation that our team has, makes a guarantee of excellent quality service we provide to our clients.

International experience that our employees have gained through the training, and through the practical work in some of the world leading companies, gives a new dimension to our business and also additional security to our clients in a sense of protecting their interests.

Our reference list is made up of renowned international and purely domestic companies, with whom we have an excellent cooperation.

Working for the clients, and defining the possible risks that surrounds their business, and finding adequate insurance coverage and quality, provided to our company a recognizable name and reputation in Serbian market.

We work with all leading and reputable insurance companies in Serbia that have the capacity, and willingness to devote special attention to our clients.

Company for intermediation in insurance ACB d.o.o

Skender-begova 3-3/a, 1st floor, PP6 and PPA7 (“Live in Dorćol” building)
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone:  +381.11.7854600
Email:   office@acb.rs

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