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As the professional insurance broker, ACB provides following services to its clients:

  • Recognizes risks and Client’s insurance needs
  • Organizes risk assessments
  • Analyzes existing insurance coverage
  • Provides consulting for standard and non-standard lines of insurance
  • Indicates the details of insurance coverage
  • Organizes insurance coverage for its Clients in accordance with their requests and local legislation
  • Organizes additional lines of insurance in accordance with best local standards and at the best market price
  • Prepares Policy Summaries (various reports depending on the line of insurance)
  • Our technology provides significant reduction of administration related to insurance matters, thus enabling Client to reduce involvement of its employees
  • We prepare requests (tenders) for insurance offer from insurers
  • We provide best market conditions and prices for our clients, through our already proven „big-buyer“ strength
  • We monitor premium payments and renewal dates
  • In communication with insurers, we insist on all available discounts and bonuses for our Clients at the time of renewal
  • In the procedure of reporting, adjustment and approval of claims, we are actively involved (as we posses relevant knowledge in insurance issues and we could quickly and adequately influence insurers to resolve and pay the claim fastest possible)
  • We are tracking developments on insurance market, informing Client on all important issues and suggesting the solutions in accordance with new market conditions

Handling of complaints on insurance brokerage services consumers

pdf icon  Rulebook on handling of complaints on insurance brokerage services consumers

pdf icon  Complaints’ Form

Company for intermediation in insurance ACB d.o.o

Francuska 37, 1st floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone:  +381.11.7854600
Email:   office@acb.rs

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