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Message From CEO

Numerous risks that individuals and companies are exposed to are characteristics of life in a modern world. Insurance, as one of the risk transfer methods, is more and more important category in everyday living and in business environment.

Accelerated tempo of living and doing business, on the other hand, imposes additional duties which are often followed by lack of time and resources for dealing with insurance and finding adequate coverage given by insurance. Insurance expenses are more significant factor in business and reduction and optimization of such expenses are goals which are not easy to achieve nowadays.

Therefore, there is an increased need for reliable and professional consultant in the field of insurance and the partner who is capable not only to recommend an adequate insurance coverage, but also to find it on insurance market at most competitive conditions. The solution which is widely recognized and applied at large number of companies and individuals is intermediary (broker) in insurance.

Today, ACB is leading insurance broker in Serbia. However, ACB is not only a simple composite of fine professionals in insurance field. ACB is not only a big buyer at insurance market, which provides lower premiums for its clients. ACB is the genuine „One-stop shop“ for insurance and at the same time the partner which, through simple communication, takes care of basic principles of insurance and business in total: business is done with people and for people, business is a long-term relationship through building of confidence proven in practice.

As much as I am proud of our clients list and relationship that we have built, as well as ACB’s business results, I am also proud on the team I am leading, team capable of completing complex tasks and helping client when needed. I am proud of the fact that ACB differs from other insurance brokers, not only in terms of knowledge we posses, but also in terms of the way how we service our clients.

Of course, successes and feelings of pride on achieved results are not giving us the right to relax and deviate from professional standards. On contrary, we are thriving to constantly improve our business, doing it with more responsibility and providing more value added to the clients which gave us their confidence.

I do hope that you will find enough information on our new website that might be of your interest. However, I also hope that we could provide you even more through a direct contact, because, as I already mentioned, insurance is at the first place business done with people and for people.

Dragan Odžaklijević

Company for intermediation in insurance ACB d.o.o

Francuska 37, 1st floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone:  +381.11.7854600
Email:   office@acb.rs

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