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“Serbian Insurance Days”, November 2022, Zlatibor

The sixth conference “Serbian Insurance Days”, organized by the Association of Serbian Insurers was held on Zlatibor, from November 15th, 2022 to November 18th, 2022. Companies for intermediation in insurance were in the role of panelists and for the first time could discuss about current topics, making this year's conference different from previous ones.
Our colleague, Marko Levakov, participated on the first day in the panel "Inflation and Insurance", which was moderated by Mr.Zoran Blagojević, and the other distinguished panelists were Mr.Saša Ranđelović, Mr.Savo Jakovljević and Mr.Mario Baotić.
Mirko Matijević emphasized the importance of good cooperation between companies for intermediation in insurance and Insurers, in order to provide our clients with safe and optimal coverage for their risks, on the panel that dealt with the cooperation between insurers and intermediaries, trends and challenges. The moderator of this panel was Mr.Jan Janać, and Ms.Sandra Vučurović and Mr.Nikola Đukić expressed their opinions on this topic.
Insurance Law in Serbia and the decisions of the National Bank of Serbia, that monitors its implementation, enable the very successful functioning of the insurance market, and consequently the work of companies for intermediation in insurance, was stated by the panelists in the meeting. This is confirmed by the results so far of over 2 billion dinars of revenues achieved by companies for intermediation in insurance in 2021, which is an increase of almost 100% compared to the results in 2018. This encouraging data certainly points to the possibility of further development of the work of companies for intermediation in insurance, which could be the joint conclusion of the panel participants.

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